Webcomic Feature: Spinnerette

Okay, finally dragging myself away from a nuclear reactor fueled by sunshine and magic… (otherwise known as an ardent addiction to Tekkit) let’s cover a wonderfully-done superhero comic.

Spinnerette is a comic made by “KrazyKrow”, set in modern-day Ohio, with the primary difference being the addition of super-powered villains and heroes of a surprisingly large population. Mention is made to modern pop culture, and there’s special reference made to various fictional superheroes such as Spiderman, Black Widow, et al.

The comic focuses on a biology graduate student by the name of Heather Brown who, through a combination of special circumstance and ineptitude, finds herself in a situation rather familiar to long-time fans of the famous web-slinger: Mutating to possess spider abilities and, notably, six arms. The comic largely follows her introduction to and adventures within the crime-fighting world that is already fairly established around her, assisted by her roommate Sahira who serves as her conscience and costume designer.

Over the course of the comic Heather also begins a relationship with another crime-fighter (who I’ll leave nameless for the sake of not ruining things) which also is one of the most tastefully-done same-gender relationships I’ve seen in comics for a while. However, don’t think that lets the comic entirely off the hook, there’s a lot of excessively-busty characters and a lot of time spent posing and flexing to expose this fact.

It could certainly be argued that such female objectification is associated with the superhero comic book genre in general and Spinnerette simply parodies it, but I think it takes it to rather excessive levels if indeed it is just parodying the mainstream comics. Certainly there’s no shortage of other superhero parodies, such as the existence of Nazi supervillains seeking to clone Hitler and summon his spirit from the underworld.

The comic has been running since 2010, so there’s quite a backlog to sink your teeth into. The art quality has also been pretty top-notch from start to present, and the writing (whilst occasionally a bit hammy) is also pretty good. This is a pretty short review but there really isn’t much to criticise positively or negatively here, go check out Spinnerette and let them know Remember’s Forgetfuls appreciate a good superhero comic ;)

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