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Crouching Paladin, Hidden Pikalite

Good lord am I hopeless lately. In the past three days, I’ve barely touched comic work, or indeed work of almost any kind. The cause: I installed a Minecraft mod collection named “Tekkit” at 3 AM Monday morning (the latter part definitely not the worst part).

Tekkit basically adds a variety of magical items (like a ring that shoots fire, a crystal that burrows tunnels in an instant, solar-powered blocks that can make pretty much anything, etc.) as well as a large array of industrial items (solar panels, nuclear reactors, quarries, etc.). What this does is add a huge variety of gameplay to Minecraft’s already pretty vast array of options. You can be a dark wizard tearing apart the landscape, or an engineer running an eco-friendly quarry service, or any mix of the two and then some.

Games in general for me are the most fun, and certainly the most distracting, when the gameplay is as open as possible for me to decide. Tekkit takes Minecraft’s notoriously addictive gameplay and adds even more options to it by an order of magnitude. Consequently, it’s possessed my attention these past three days more than eating, sleeping, and actual knowledge of the date and time, combined.

For my labours, I have a quarry that operates entirely remotely, with no pipes back to the home base, where its products are filtered into smeltable metals and sent one way and everything else sent into a magic uranium-generating chest, which in turn feeds a production line that keeps a similarly-remote nuclear reactor fueled. The nuclear reactor itself is a near-work of art, able to effortlessly manage its own condition and setting off alarms and shutting down when necessary, all while barely stretching beyond its own reactor walls. I’ve got a Tesla coil system that initially forced me to make better armour or else be trapped in my machine shop, a magic device on the roof that pumps out diamonds, and enough technology at my disposal to make virtually anything on demand at a whim. At one point today when, at past 5 AM, I was finally coaxed to bed I spent a quick ten minutes and actually created a system to allow indefinite idling. I woke up to enough generated items to rebuild my entire present setup three times over.

Glorious fun as I’m…I think…having, I’m hoping to be able to reach a point in my Tekkit world where I can film a quick video for Lying Plays and then quietly uninstall the blighter before I die at my keyboard because of it.

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  1. You’re either making von Neumann or Bob Page proud.
    Not sure which, though I’m guessing you still ned some work for the first one.

    Comment by Nutty — June 28, 2012 @ 7:16 am

  2. Harm is kinda freaky when you think about it =/ it’s described as draining all but 1d4 health.

    Comment by Vapor — June 30, 2012 @ 2:09 pm

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