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With the best evil villains, there’s always some degree of “Seriously? You think you can take me on? Alright, give it your best shot, this I actually have to see”.

It was once said by, I believe, comedian Paul Saunders that the best evil laugh as you enter the room isn’t some grand, echoing, cackle or somesuch, as though every villain hidden away in a dark castle has just heard a fantastic joke right before you barge in, but a quiet and understated “heh”.

There’s the guys that will burst out laughing at the mere notion of you being competition (virtually every pirate captain), the guys that relish the notion of beating you into oblivion (virtually every evil scientist or vampire lord), and then there’s the guys that know exactly the level of threat you present (much shorter list, Ozymandias is the first name to mind). The latter are the ones that, under no uncertain terms, you do not ever mess with, because if they allow you to enter combat with them, you will experience pain of an untold, perhaps biblical, volume.

Of course, there’s often a case of villains underestimating the heroes and getting beaten down for it, but a truly powerful villain is fully aware he could nuke the heroes from orbit and decides to just let them have their fun for a little bit. Such a villain doesn’t really go to town on the heroes until they actually become a noticeable nuisance or start to draw blood, which is more or less where Sildyu is at now with the electrified cat-scratchings and stab through the kidney she’s just received. Those wounds aren’t even close to enough to bring her down, but they are enough to turn the ignition on the war machine that single-handedly committed genocide on a particular species of dragon.

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