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It’s not something that we’ve particularly explored, but Illel is by far the most unknown member of the Order of the Driving Lance. Everyone else we’ve seen their stories and why they were included, but since Illel hijacked on the end of Gwen’s introduction and forced his way into the Order we’ve never actually gotten to explore the precise source of his (now evidently self-destructive) ire towards Sildyu.

Ordinarily, that means I’d splurge details here and profess ever little tidbit and secret he has, but I think it actually kind of suits him to be the unknown, the lone warrior fighting in silence while everyone else yells and shouts. We know he has a history, but it’s enough to simply know that he has one, rather than to know the content.

Although, why is it always after the page goes live that I notice typos?

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  1. After the e-mail is sent, after the post is posted, after the page goes live… it’s never soon enough, is it?

    I’m slightly surprised that she used polar ray to stop that attack, knowing that it might well freeze the staff solid and then melt or shatter it with sunlight and thus achieve exactly what Illel wants.

    Comment by Sorator — July 15, 2012 @ 8:28 pm

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