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One last hurrah.

My sleep schedule is far closer to “normal” marks now, but I’m tremendously drowsy past 10 pm for the time being, so I’ll be back to write something witty and/or interesting here in a few hours.

You’ll notice that my schedule has been a bit lax this past week or two, largely because in the process of uploading to youtube with an occasionally-unreliable Internet connection I’ve had to endure very long hours into the night with little sleep, thus gradually eroding my sleep schedule until very recently it basically dissolved entirely. I’ve since been trying to repair it, but whilst I’m now functional within the “normal” hours of human activity, I’m falling asleep very early, generally too early to even see my updates go live. Hoping things will resolve themselves soon enough with my perseverance, but I suppose we’ll seey

Now, on to the comic. It was noted a while back that the Order almost certainly uses magic weapons, given their capabilities, and such a speculation is accurate, Apenguin in particular stated outright that his staff is a potent arcane object and Illel has previously stated that his bow is an heirloom (which whilst not definitively stating it to be magic is often a big clue in fantasy literature).

As such, their weapons are more or less impervious to mundane damage, requiring a similarly-magical weapon or spell to destroy them. Cognizant of this, I figured I’d have Illel invoke a very old Avalan curse, used in the 4th century to condemn criminal spellcasters prior to their executions.

Hey, Avalas is a pretty forest, no-one ever said the elves living in it couldn’t be ugly.

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