I can haz educashon?

No webcomic feature today I’m afraid. It’s just past midnight and I’ve only just gotten back from a resit exam which went better than anticipated but still pretty poorly in areas. My feet are killing me, my brain is strained with diagrams and stupid, and I am very much out of the proper frame of mind to appropriately judge anything.

As always leave your suggestions for reviews in the comments, webcomic feature should be back next week as normal.

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  1. Was it you that linked me to “Exterminatus Now” or one of my skype buddies? The story doesn’t really hit it’s stride until the Silas Morth arc, but it’s jokes do so long before then.

    Quick Primer: Warhammer 40K+Sonic the Hedgehog+Black Comedy.

    Yes, really.

    Comment by Vapor — August 19, 2012 @ 3:52 pm

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