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Page 143

You can imagine how useful it was for Boccobsmas morning.

I’m amazed at how tricky it actually turned out to be to draw spacial distortion around what is essentially a miniature black hole. If that sphere hits anything, it effectively ceases to exist, and it’s a concept that’s been enjoyed by a lot of fantasy settings when magic is involved. One particularly infamous usage is in the late-great Gary Gygax’s Tomb of Horrors adventure for Dungeons & Dragons way back in the day, where such a spheroid was placed inside the mouth of a statue at the very entrance to the titular tomb. Many an arm and head was lost to that mouth (as well as many a misleading utterance of the phrase “you feel nothing”), indeed.

Lying’s usage of the effect here is transitory, hence his summoning, but such spheres do exist in nature around Avbaroy and many settings, albeit with less secure user controls, shall we say. I imagine in some distance realm, there are battles of will between mages purely over who can push one farther in a deadly and decisive mental tug of war.

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