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My features have been a little irregular lately, here’s one of the major reasons why.

Nether Expedition has been delayed by coding issues that prevent me from installing Martyn and Walter into the 1.3.2 version of Minecraft, but it’s a bug that’s stopping me from doing a lot of stuff so I’m working hard to resolve that. Meanwhile Lying Plays, Anether Expedition, and a few other videos I have planned should be coming out soon to pick up the slack while I figure out the problems.

Rather more importantly, you may have noticed that the site was unavailable for a good portion of the weekend, and at two points was even replaced with a site that looked like it had been plumbed from the wayback machine archives. This was due to a rather unsavoury bunch of hackers attacking a large number of WordPress-based sites, some of which are still offline and some of which have even resorted to posting comics to Tumble for the time being.

You may wonder why Remember was targeted. To be honest, I have about as much clue as anyone else on that note, because ostensibly the whole debacle unfolded as part of a political protest against the treatment of Bangladesh citizens at the Indian border. I have literally no idea how that makes Remember or any of the other targets relevant, so clearly the culprits (who are very known, but who shall remain nameless here so as not to get them any more publicity) have little if any idea how to properly undertake a political protest.

Beyond the motives of the herps and derps responsible, however, there is a reason that the attack succeeded twice. It’s because until extremely recently, the last couple days in fact, Remember had no defensive measures in place against such attacks. This is because it takes time, skills, and failing either of those, money, to properly protect a website from viruses, malware, and hackers. Despite my university education covering digital forensics, I do not possess the time or skills to protect Remember by myself, and unfortunately I don’t have the finances to support the monthly-tolls of the anti-hacking software necessary to do so autonomically. I’ve shelled out of my savings to afford it for the moment, but this is by no means something I can support as a permanent affair.

The majority of details were summed up in the following video, originally during the recording but in annotations after upload because the sound apparently vanished in the process.

The upside is that Remember needs donations to stay operational. I can still readily support the hosting for the time being, but that says nothing for the anti-hacker software. If we get a decent revenue going, I can start revising older pages for the £7 Poster Initiative, as well as start looking into other merchandise to reward you all for the help. For the time being, the hacking efforts appear to have relented, but any degree of reliability for the site requires that you pitch in however little you can.

My dear Forgetfuls, you are seriously awesome. It astonishes me on a routine basis how many of you keep coming back for my ramblings. All I’m asking is you leverage some of that awesomeness for good, in face of the evil being leveraged against you all.

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  1. Well, I have to say, Tim, that your treatment of Bangladeshi citizens has been shameful. Fancy destroying their civilisation and turning them all into penguins.

    Or am I getting Bangladesh and Arcania confused again?

    Comment by Dr. Simon — September 6, 2012 @ 7:35 am

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