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Yeah, I don’t like this page.

It’s worth stating that this is not something Lying would ordinarily do, brutal assaults like this really aren’t in him, as morally relative as he may be. The unfortunate reality right now is that in order to trade in his archmage talents for melee fighter ones, he needs to use his magic to temporarily rewrite large portions of his neurology, including some that dictate his approach to attacks like this.

I don’t like drawing or writing things like this, and they make me really regret improving as I have over the years because, if I were a worse writer, I wouldn’t be doing things like this. I’d have a few timelapse shots, or I’d have Sildyu fall over after a single mighty strike or somesuch, but unfortunately I’m no longer really “writing” the stories I cover, I’m merely recording what happens in them.

What I draw nowadays isn’t what I have to do to get the story done, it’s what the story demands be done because it’s what the story needs to happen, what must happen. As a better writer than I was over half a decade ago, I am now a biographer, I don’t get to pick and choose what happens, and that means occasionally doing things I don’t like.

It’s been a busy weekend with a small dog visiting, sorting a few things out, recovering from the stalling last week, and I’m moving back into university accomodation this afternoon, so things are a bit hectic and Nether Expedition #21 is a little delayed as a consequence. I’m hoping to edit it together today and, connection willing, get it uploading for Tuesday. Keep an eye out meanwhile on TooMuchMinecraft’s channel for another 5 Ways to Die in Tekkit and on figrollin’s channel for some stuff I was involved in (also go vote for him in King of the Web’s Gaming division, because he’s a pretty cool guy).

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  1. I can kind of see Lying doing this to Sildyu, considering she was responsible for the destruction of his country. But I agree that it isn’t normally in his character.

    Also, props to you on reaching the point with your characters and their motivations that you no longer get to dictate plot! That’s always a cool state to achieve, and definitely a hallmark of good writers.

    Comment by Sorator — September 24, 2012 @ 1:00 pm

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