On delays

Time for a good ol’ situational report.

If you haven’t been following my Twitter (which you should, since it’s so very good at shrieking my every-waking thought), you’ve probably been a bit out of the loop on why things have been a tad irregular around here these past couple weeks or so.

Well, firstly I’ve shipped back to university housing, which means I’m now responsible for my own laundry, dishes, groceries, etc. once again and, to incorporate an extra level of irritation, the shower facilities haven’t been functional since I got here last week. Consequently my housemates and I are in rather horrible condition, exacerbated initially by the poor degree of function of the heating system as well (in my case, this means careful management of an electric heater such as my room doesn’t fall rapidly into the state of arctic freezing).

Secondly, whilst the first week has been devoid of classes, the second beginning today begins my university schedule with a light week of introductory lectures followed by the schedule proper the following week. As this is my second second year in a university course, it’s also pretty much my last opportunity to complete one (much as I’d rather the first two of those four years thus far be erased from academic and economic records), and as such one of significant importance.

Thirdly, and perhaps very much most importantly, is the stage in Remember’s storyline in which we find ourselves at this particular stage. This is the final chapter of the final book in the storyline that started Remember in its entirety, arguably the most important in its entire history.

These are all largely elements that I’ve dealt with before, and with reasonable success. For the moment however, they are taking their toll. I’ve no doubt that once my landlord gets to work (which would be something of a miraculous sight), once I get into the swing of my new classes, and once I return to the rigorous scheduling of university life which I managed rather effectively last year, things will get back to normal and we’ll be whizzing along quite regally once again.

For the time being however, I hope you’ll understand that things are a touch hectic and stressful at the moment and, rather than rush or force things and potentially spoil some of the best moments of Remember’s historic storyline, I’m going to instead take my time to ensure I complete things to a degree that both I and, my hope is, you too, dear forgetfuls, are satisfied with and enjoy. The story of Lyinginbedmon is one that I’ve dedicated half a decade of my life to, and I don’t intend to finish it unsatisfactorily.

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  1. I don’t know if it’s just the time of year and I haven’t noticed before, or if it’s genuinely a weird coincidence that half of the authors of the webcomics I follow have slowed/stopped work within the past month… hmmm….

    But regardless, take your time man. This is a story, so by all means take the time to tell it right, but also make sure you have a decent life to hold you over till the next one when it’s done too. ;)

    Comment by Sorator — October 2, 2012 @ 8:40 pm

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