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Next on the list of controversial subjects in Avbaroy: Abortion.

This is probably as close as I’m likely to come to detailing Lying’s position on pro-choice versus pro-life. By and large, he’d much prefer that a child live, free of the ills of its parentage, but as he also covers the principles of preservation, meaning if the child lives at the expense of the parentage, he’s not comfortable.

Of course, the whole issue of choice versus life is another of those silly things where people who don’t really understand it try to shoe-horn everyone into one convenient tick box or another, and Lying is subject to the shades of grey that are inherent with the realities. If the child will put the mother’s life at risk, he’ll most likely favour the mother, otherwise he’s liable to favour the child. In this case, he’s trying very hard to not endanger the child’s life in the process of defeating Sildyu. Personally, I’m closest to pro-choice, but admittedly I’m more or less in the same camp as Lying, whatever you’d like to term that particular mindset (I’ll go with humanist, if anything).

Although, it seems the Shades have other plans.

And meanwhile, my sincerest apologies for the delay on this page. With everything that’s been going on around here I’ve somewhat burnt out and/or hit some kind of stress overload and consequently I’ve basically stopped doing much of anything. I’m now attempting to kick my hind-quarters back into pro-activity with what I’m terming the Lister’s Dad approach (fans of the recent Red Dwarf episodes will surely understand my meaning there, otherwise GO WATCH IT BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME)

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