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Well, whatever has been nipping at my creative heels get a backwards kick to the shins tonight, so a return to two comics in one week! No promises on it sticking around for next week, but hey, let’s enjoy for now! :D

There was some curiosity about why the Shades have staggered forms, rather than just jumping straight to this latest one right off the bat, and certainly there’s a preponderance of different multi-formed opponents throughout popular culture and literature. The precise reason for the Shades’ forms though is actually pretty straight-forward: They’re parasites.

As a parasitical demonic entity, they rely on their host to survive, which means they can’t risk the health of Sildyu. Now, putting aside Sildyu’s “condition” for the moment, consider what happens with the transformations for the Shades. It’s a lot of demonic energy, a lot of physiological changes, and all happening very quickly. Too much in too short a time frame and Sildyu would essentially go into shock, push things harder and she’d be liable to die from the physical strain, like outrunning a steam locomotive.

The Shades therefore have two options: Staggered their transformations or transform very slowly, and understandably the former is more appropriate for a combat situation. There isn’t any particular special abilities of each form, it’s just more energy and more power in a single form, it’s legitimately just to make sure they don’t accidentally commit suicide and spoil everything.

Meanwhile, another reference is made to the wealth of Avbaroy in the overall planar landscape, that of worship and devotion, which is the same energy that fuels the powers of gods. Even if you can’t resurrect the dead or hurl lightning, if you have a soul you are generating ambient magic, which can be channeled if you focus on a singular entity, object, or concept. So, get most of the planet under your sway, worshiping what you want them to worship, and you’re talking some serious godly power at your disposal.

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