Page 158

Page 158

Cold, Kilzu, cold.

Those of you with long memories (Or a recent binging of the archives) will recall that Lying indeed acquired his regenerative capacities from torture on the fourth layer of hell, shortly before he met up with Levistus who also makes a re-appearance here.

Of course, being trapped in an iceberg, Levistus himself isn’t corporeally here to route Vilkarlig, but it’s well-known that he can project his image to elsewhere on the fifth layer in order to direct and co-ordinate his forces. You can see the changes in how I’ve drawn things on the ice-coated layer if you compare the three frames of this page to whole pages from the latter half of Book 2, and I’m really happy with how things have changed since then.

We’ll be finishing things up with Vilkarlig’s controlling of the Shades to attack Lying and then we’ll be paying Levistus and Stygia a visit to wrap up his side of this war, so I’ll have plenty of time to draw more of the icy domain later. For now, let’s rumble!

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  1. Heh.
    Cold…His entire home is cold. :p

    Comment by Nutty — November 15, 2012 @ 11:28 am

  2. For me it will binging of the archives since I only discovered this series 3 days ago

    Comment by Resender — November 16, 2012 @ 10:16 am

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