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This probably isn’t a good arc for him.

People who’ve been waiting for Igon to get his butt kicked, I have a wonderful arc for you.

Historically-speaking, Arcanians have never retreated. Battles have gone badly, yes, and aid has been refused out of hand, yes, but they’ve never entered a conflict they didn’t know for certain that they’d win either. Retreat has never been an option that Arcanian generals have ever utilised, instead they’ve regrouped, redistributed their forces, and in the darker times fought to the last man.

That last option is one that Arcanon mourned greatly during the revolutionary war, because he valued lives on both sides and hated people throwing themselves against spears, but that may be in part due to his academic credentials as the inventor of teleportation magic. For Arcanon, there was always a retreat option.

For Lying on the other hand, he has indeed come a long way to see Vilkarlig’s hold on Avbaroy relinquished, by force as by necessity. He could quite readily, just as with Arcanon, teleport to the other side of the planet and safe from any further harm. But of course, what would that mean for the thousands that lie dead outside? What would it mean for the millions worldwide that are also fighting for their freedom from the empire? For the millions living under Exersus Resistance sheltering? For the centuries spent building the resistance, fighting the empire, and organising these few days of intense struggle?

Arcanon’s forces had no retreat option, even if he did, whereas Lying has a retreat option, but he absolutely will not take it. Arcanians never retreat.

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