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It only works when the foe is strong by virtue of union.

For most foes, divide and conquer works rather nicely. Even against Kerrigan, whose strength is the sum of many vulnerable individuals, divide and conquer is a perfectly legitimate and effective strategy. Against the shades and Vilkarlig however, its a rather moot point, because they can reform from a single element into their full strength. They’re less of a collection of smaller powers and more one gigantic power, in effect a foe that cannot be divided.

And Vilkarlig is spitting some tunes that resonate rather neatly with all of reality. Indeed the abyss (homeland of all demons) predates humankind, as well as all deities, planes, and whatever other bric-a-brac you want to contemplate as well. It is the primordial sea from which the multiverse sprang.

Such a “sea” exists in our own world as well. Before time and space and energy cluttered the place up, there was what we define as being absolutely nothing. Except, something existed to break and defy that definition. From absolutely nothing, came the Big Bang. Quantum mechanics determined that, in full knowledge of the probabilities, energy should exist at some indistinguishable point in the empty space, and with that came space, and time, and matter, and the odds suddenly tilted much closer in favour of things happening.

That chaotic abyss exists still today, beyond our universe and within it, far smaller than we can see. Quantum mechanics is to a great extent the origin of all the calculations, the binary coding if you will, of the classical physics that we use every day. Chaos guides our every motion.

The abyss was, and shall forever be.

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