Page 162

Page 162

It has been two weeks, but now on Christmas day, at last this page arrives.

For what my art is routinely criticised as being, this page is easily one of the more complex ones that I’ve done in recent memory. I put a lot of careful thought into the arrangement, the framing, and the lack of dialogue despite the excess of pain being delivered in it.

It is, perhaps rather unusually then for a page I’ve put considerable time and effort into, a page I’m actually rather pleased with. There’s the odd detail here and there that I’d like to touch up sometime, such as that the tentacle spikes have a habit of favouring the side of Lying’s body closest to the viewer when choose where to pierce him, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with it.

I considered giving dialogue, but there’s only so many variations on “argh” to go around and I thought silence surrounded by agony would do a far better job of selling the content of the page than any proliferation of speech bubbles. I similarly considered having the two focused characters actually be engaged in combat (that is, the floating orb be stabbing Lying), but I thought it better to leave that to the vast sea of violence behind them and have the page be more evoked by their combination than by their more obvious action. The result is a moment of sheer silent pain that I think very much conveys a sense of agony that cannot be construed through more commonplace means.

As Alien once said, “in space, no-one can hear you scream”, and indeed with this page, no scream suffices to describe what Lying is feeling.

Of course, this is all rather un-Christmas-like, for which I apologise. But after a fortnight of no updates to the site I thought it best to have the page delivered as I finished it this passing Christmas Eve, even if the date is a little inappropriate for a page depicting scenes of agony suitable only for a holy book. As we meander our way through the dark on this winter solstice then, here’s hoping that the troubles of the world wander with us towards the light of dawn, and soon this long chapter in Remember shall meet its end as well.

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  1. Yeah, that looks like it hurt a bit.

    Comment by Mindsword — December 26, 2012 @ 10:16 pm

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