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Ride ‘em

It’s becoming more and more apparent that I have an odd tendency to pair females together when doing combat. I don’t know why this is, but it’s the case with Mana & Rain versus Saleme, the finale of Azul versus Lizzy (when Tala arrives), and now Kilzu versus Sildyu/Shades/Vilkarlig. I honestly don’t have an explanation of why this seems to keep occurring, it’s certainly not by purposeful action. Stories I’m putting together for after Remember’s grand finale (which, despite appearances with these slow updates, is approaching rapidly) certainly have less opportunity for this evident habit, so maybe I’ll ween myself out of it.

Meanwhile, university is kicking up again for me with the start of the new year. I hope you all had a fun Christmas, videos are still appearing over at Remember’s youtube channel, so whilst comic updates are being rather sluggish there’s still lots of content for you all to enjoy. I’ve said on many occasions that I endeavour to have something for you all to enjoy on an update day and I’m working hard to stand by that promise. Just about every update on the youtube channel and the main site here is echoed over at Twitter, so follow me over there to keep appraised of all the updates as well as my whacky musings.

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