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Page 174

Levistus: King of laying it on thick.

If you were here on Monday, you probably notice something off. You might struggle to notice what precisely, because the same thing has changed in Monday’s comic, which is that Levistus’ elderly design has finally been updated to more modern standards for my characters.

Comparison of Levistus' designs

Comparison of Levistus' designs

His hair saw the majority of the changes, since his styling has been the bane of my attempts to draw him pretty much since his original inception in the latter half of Book 2. His overall design, as was typical for the era, is heavily influenced by the extant Wizards of the Coast depictions of characters, from which his overall style and especially his doublet (which I’m oddly still happy with) are drawn.

For his hair, I went back to the fairly iconic Levistus imagery of Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of Hell, and also did some research on historical male long hair styles. What I eventually settled on is a sort of combination for historical curls (nowadays most commonly recognised in judge wigs) and his previous hairstyle. I also exchanged his previous pointed neckbeard for a less pronounced shadow and a full goatee beard.

His trunk saw the least change, because as stated above I’m still pretty happy with his doublet and frill. Mostly all I did here was change the colour of his trousers to a much darker blue, which made him a bit more evocative of formal wear than his juvenile lighter tone.

And finally, his shoes. At the time, they were fairly okay as far as my capabilities went, but they’re now woefully outdated, so I practically rebuilt them from scratch. They’re heavily inspired by the kind of shoes you see most commonly in period attire from American settlers, their stereotypical buckled designs.

One other special thing I did for this page was make an audio recording of Levistus’ lines, to help me get a better idea of his posing when I was making it. I rather think it helped quite a bit, so you can listen to the audio here.

That’s all for now, see you again next time! :D

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  1. Hm…recording needs more…ham.

    Comment by Nutty — July 5, 2013 @ 12:39 am

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