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The most magnificent and the most bastardly.

There’s a few different mastermind-type characters running around Remember’s cast list, but whilst Lying might rate fairly highly on it, Levistus to me will always be on top. He’s perfectly content to set plans in motion over the course of millennia, from deep within what is for all intents and purposes an inescapable prison, twisting those around him ever so slightly so that, whilst they might reach their goals, they will always end up reaching his first.

Geryon for example had a very good plan. Discretely gain control of a mortal political figure, convince their adherents to direct their worship towards a symbol of your choosing, and connect yourself directly to it, thus gaining a substantial boost in power without anyone ever raising a flag or sounding an alert. For all observers, it would be just another politician drumming up support for themselves, until it was too late for them to do anything about it. Where it failed was simply that Levistus is very good about gathering intelligence and holding debts.

To that end, the second panel here might look familiar. That’s because it’s an updated version of a panel from a page near the end of Book 2, where Igon and Levistus are just meeting up, shortly before they have their discussion and strike their bargain. After sending Igon back to Avbaroy, Levistus ordered the 48th Legion to go drum up some souls. This, combined with the ongoing intelligence coming from Kilzu at Lying’s side, meant that it didn’t take very long for him to figure out what was going on. And once he knew the plan, the planner didn’t take much to find. Anyone who thinks “right under their nose” is a legitimate tactical move shouldn’t ever be put in charge of anything of significance, even though Geryon didn’t have much option in staging areas.

And so elicits the most magnificent slasher grin I think Remember has ever seen.

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