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The crazy world of Arthur Brown.

And if you get that joke, you’re probably older than I am and have impeccable musical taste.

Sorry this page took so long, I wanted to have it down for Thursday of last week, right before I headed to Insomnia (hope I saw some of you there, was quite hectic!), but I ran out of time and when I got back Monday night I was dreadfully exhausted from the haul, so I delayed it to today to give it a proper go.

And maybe it’s time for some specifics on exactly what makes hellfire so special. Historically, describing something as being like hellfire is to equate it specifically to the fires of hell (hence the name), which is supposed to be hotter and more painful than mundane mortal fire. Here on Earth, fires that burn hotter and such are usually a different colour to standard fire, but hellfire (likely due to the knowledge of the times) has often been depicted as the same colouration and shapes as normal fire.

In the particular case of Mephistopheles’ pet project, hellfire is special because it totally ignores standard resistances to fire, because whilst it appears to be flames and smoke, it’s actually a harnessed and controlled form of Incarnum (hence the large volume of souls that Mephisto has had to borrow). Heavy Incarnum, upon contact with biological matter, basically disintegrates it, but is also virtually impossible to actually control. Mephisto has engineered hellfire from Incarnum in a much more controlled form, creating a potent weapon against many denizens of the darker realms.

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