Page 198

Page 198

The obligatory Ghostbusters moment.
This page would have a lot more onomatopoeia, but it turns out it’s a lot easier to write “ghostly whispers of infernal tongues” in a script than it is to actually write it in a sound. I probably could have just splayed “ghostly whispers of infernal tongues” across the page in classic notomatopoeia style, but that would have detracted quite a bit from a fairly severe moment I think.

Basically you know that sound in the Lord of the Rings movies when the One Ring is whispering to someone? Imagine that very loudly while reading this page.

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  1. Kind of late to the party, but couldn’t you have use some appropriately Lovecraft runes for that?

    Comment by Nutty — February 13, 2014 @ 1:33 pm

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