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The announcement more than half a decade in the making.

This would have been Thursday’s comic, but I wanted to take my time on the dialogue. Spire’s wording here is very carefully chosen, to ensure an ambiguity that lets anyone happening upon the scene have enough plausibility to accept his explanation over the actual events, and to ensure that no divisiveness is drawn between those hearing it (such as if he had named Illel as an elf, Avalas might claim some superior slice of the accomplishment, Moon Elves might swear further ignominy in it, etc. etc.).

I also changed the second frame’s background mid way through drawing it. Originally, I was going to have a much higher perspective, showing off the battlefield within the palace grounds. I then realised that this would demand several hundred people being drawn, as well as the arrival crater, the collapsed trebuchet towers, the guard towers, whatever’s left of the gardens, etc. and that this would all likely take a lot longer than I have available as well as cripple even Elemental’s rendering ability due to all the shapes necessary even if I blurred it past a point.

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