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Page 203

Differing perspectives.

There’s an interesting gradient between Lex, Lorna, and Lying. Lex very much wants to protect the knowledge from history regardless of the cost to the present, and he’s willing to betray everyone he knows to do it. Lying wants to respect that knowledge but is willing to move on without it to adapt and shift as the world changes. And then Lorna sort of runs inbetween them, weighing the knowledge by its value in the present.

Though for Lex wanting to protect knowledge so badly, it is a nice paradox that he legitimately doesn’t remember Lorna at all (hence why he keeps using her modern alias.

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  1. So…he actually doesn’t remember? I wonder if she might happen to have an episode over that. :P

    Comment by Nutty — February 25, 2014 @ 1:19 pm

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