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The best vengeance is getting on with your life.

Lex has very good reason to be worried now. The last time he had to face Igon was way back in Book 1, when he had just betrayed Arcania and Igon was utterly livid. Now, he’s face with an Igon who has totally transcended that original young man, with far more political and magical power, and there is absolutely no way that Lex can make him slip up emotionally.

Meanwhile, Lying has a very wise view of things. Sure, you have every reason to dislike someone who did something terrible to you, but there’s something of a statute of limitations on that. You can roam the earth seeking vengeance, slaying all those who oppose you, doing everything in your power to bring down this hated foe, and in the end you’ll be left with…nothing, just like Igon did in the course of Book 2.

Lying has made himself a home, a purpose, a family, and all Lex has done is guard his little shrine to those bridges he burned decades ago. We know that Lex has been paranoid for a long time (see his suspicions as to Spire’s identity, even if they were accurate in the end), but Lying’s just been going about his business. I thought for ages about their final dramatic confrontation but in reality, it’s been so long there’s just no reason for Lying to care about it anymore.

But that does leave us the question…why is Lex here?

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  1. All fair points.

    not to mention now he is destroying Lex’s world. Tiny bit of karma maybe.

    My personal bet is that he is going to use lex to keep the empire from crumbling.

    Comment by Mindsword2 — June 5, 2014 @ 2:57 am

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