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Page 216

It can hurt to ask.

So the Immortals are the largest population of Arcanians still in existence, having been captured by the Empire when Arcania City fell in Book 1. To Lying then, they have immense value, they’re not only knowledge of his homeland but they’re his people too.

But, it’s been centuries now, and in the time it took for Lying to put Lex’s betrayal and the loss of his country behind him, the Immortals have spent every day in chains and forced to fight as slave soldiers for the people who wiped their history from the books. It’s understandable they’ve reached a much different conclusion to Lying’s, but it doesn’t make it any more tragic.

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  1. How does one end the life of something that cannot die

    Comment by Resender — July 20, 2014 @ 12:51 pm

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