Page 217

Page 217

Well it took a bout of cold and a degree of writer’s block, but at last this page appears!

If you haven’t been around for the 7 years Remember has been running, you probably don’t know much about the Immortals. Specifically, that their dialogue is all drawn from Phantom of the Opera (a gag originally sparked by their helmets back in Book 1). This makes actually writing dialogue for them an exercise in creative interpretation, and then I also need to write dialogue that’s appropriate to each character speaking to these rather strange fellows. They’re really cool guys, just a little bit of a pain to write for.

As the opening sentence here also says, somewhere between coding and sleeping I managed to come down with a mild cold which drained whatever energy I had at the end of the day. This made sitting down to draw this page something of a chore, but I’m feeling a lot better now (my throat suffered the most but thankfully largely recovered in time to DM Cityscape this past Saturday over on Twitch) so hopefully it won’t be a problem any time soon.

Anyways, all that out of the way, enjoy the page and I’ll see you again on Thursday! :D

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  1. For some reason, I totally don’t remember noticing that about their dialogue before. That is pretty cool; I like!

    Comment by Sorator — July 30, 2014 @ 3:25 am

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