Page 220

Page 220

The big bang.

Another page that kind of speaks for itself, even without any sound effects or dialogue, but let me talk about it a little bit anyway, especially since it’s kind of late.

I’ve known this page was coming for almost 7 years. It’s one of the many that were in my head from the very first page, way back in 2007. The palace had to be destroyed to cover any loose ends that otherwise naturally crop up when you’re starting a big conspiracy operation. In fact, this page was the first where I knew the Exafts equation would be involved, before I started writing for Book 4.

I guess I kinda dreaded it. I’ve been doing this comic for so long now that, seeing this page as sort of the final chiseling on its tombstone, I was hesitant to actually tackle it. I had naive vague musings of what would come after Remember back then, I can only really hope that my musings today are less vague and certainly less naive.

It’s been a really fun ride. I hope I can finish it properly.

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