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Page 3

History lesson part two.

This page was largely delayed by the untimely failing of my mouse, which has since been replaced with a shiny new MOUS9 (not perfect for my gaming endeavours, but an excellent piece of hardware nonetheless). It was also heavily delayed by the time I had to spend on that first frame, I just couldn’t get comfy with how the castle looked. Possibly my fault for making it a pentagon, but historically castles have very rarely been rectangular (because you get a better vantage on assailants with a structure more circular than that).

The elven settlement is maybe my favourite part of this page. I love the patchy lighting coming through the canopy of the forest, though I’m a tad on the fence as to how the trees look in places. I think my best work on the trees (which were entirely hand-drawn via my new mouse, rather than node-stroke-bend as is the norm) is in the last frame, but I’ll probably do more work on getting them right in later pages.

I actually put a lot of thought into the dwarven mine, because dwarves have a very different experience in the dark than humans. Dwarves have an ability called “darkvision”, which means they can see in the dark. That vision is also completely black-and-white. This means that a) there’s no reason for them to have lots of lights around and b) there’s little reason for them to have murals or colourful banners, etc. The lights along that bridge are actually hazard alerts, because light (almost regardless of how it’s generated) should show up pretty noticeably in their darkvision. A stone barrier in a mine wouldn’t make much sense, but it’s also pretty unlikely that Dwarven textiles are common enough to waste on a rope guard either, but fire? Easy.

This also marks the first appearance of the military in this story, in the form of our human soldier in the last frame. His tunic went through a few variations, from one more familiar to readers of Remember, to a sideways version of the national flag (a blue-red-white tricolour with a gold star), to its final form which I think is the best of the three options. Military uniform, at least for low-ranked soldiers, tends to be fairly cost-efficient and simplistic, and so it is here with this brash young swordsman.

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  1. i wonder why the swordsman punched the elf in the 1st place

    Comment by Sawtooth44 — September 29, 2014 @ 8:17 pm

  2. Well if this also but overlaps any history of the original Dungeons & Dragonhat streams we know the empire of Man is expanding into the golden forest,home of the elves

    Comment by Resender — October 1, 2014 @ 10:02 am

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