Page 6

Page 6

Office chatter.

So this page took two weeks to complete, which is a fair bit behind on my one-a-week-on-average target. The reason was I had to work out where to go from the intro segment, then create all the assets, work out how to lay out the page so it wasn’t solely two guys talking to eachother in identically-scaled frames with identical backgrounds, and then last minute I decided to create a 1/4 head for both characters because their usual 3/4 just didn’t look right from behind.

In short, combined with my current workload, the reason this page took so long is because my standards have elevated a great deal since the days of Remember. I’m aiming for one-a-week-on-average, but if it takes me longer to put out a page that I don’t think I can reasonable improve, then I’ll take longer I think. I’m already really happy with every page I’ve produced for this story so far, I’d hate to break that run.

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