Caricature by Emy Bitner

Tim Maughan (More commonly known as Lying or Lyinginbedmon) was born on 14th June 1990 in the United Kingdom, along with his twin brother, Edd.

Eventually, Lying came across Rich Burlew’s Order of the Stick through his Dungeons & Dragons hobby. The art style and humour, in addition to it’s relation to his hobby, quickly endeared itself to become one of his favourite webcomics. After about a year of reading the comic, Lying acquired InkScape and learned to draw using a similar Burlewan art style to Order of the Stick. He mostly spent his time with this art in the Arts & Crafts section of the comic’s forum in a series of threads entitled “Avatar Battle Royale” (ABR).

Not long after he started participating regularly in ABR, a plot developed and he became a strong participant in it, to the point that his writing streak forced him towards producing historical timelines, geographic maps, and various other details about the land the plot was based in (Which became known as Avbaroy). When progress in ABR gradually slowed, he opened up a separate thread and began producing a backstory comic to his character in ABR, entitled Remember. After a while, the comic migrated from the forums to this site in 2004, and thus Remember Comics was born.

To supplement the comic content, Lying began making the Memory Loss video series on his personal Youtube channel. Eventually, this evolved to include his first Let’s Play series, Nether Expedition, on a dedicated channel for the website. After working with the Suicide Gamers group led by DaveChaos, Lying began to develop into a youtuber himself. He now operates as a full-time content producer for Remember Comics, via his Patreon campaign, creating videos, hosting livestreams, and still drawing comics.



  • Lying’s favourite colour is blue and his lucky number is 5.
  • Lying is commonly associated with foxes, following a comparison between his character in Witch in the Woods and a kitsune.
  • Lying has a BSc Computing and a HNC Digital Forensics from Teesside University.
  • Lying has Asperger’s Syndrome, diagnosed at age 18. Due to surgery at age 17, he also has no gall bladder.