Remember begins in the year 896 AC in the Dungeons & Dragons-based custom setting of Avbaroy. It follows the trials and tribulations of a number of characters, all of whom lived in Arcania for a significant period of time prior to it’s destruction, as they look for a new place in the world being forged in fire.

The storyline features themes of depression, anxiety, anger, political issues, and remorse. As may be warranted by the title, nostalgia and melancholy are also visited. Whenever the storyline is away from something depressing for long enough, the occasional joke is slipped in to lighten the mood, though as in life this doesn’t always help the characters involved.

The artwork is produced using the freeware program InkScape and an art style originally conceived from mimicry of Rich “The Giant” Burlew, who produces The Order of the Stick.

Remember is set to run for 5 books:

  1. Betrayal Blues
  2. Speaking Stones
  3. Awkward Alliances
  4. Harsh Adversity
  5. Blood Genes

Each book will contain 72 comic pages, and the published issue, should such a feat be accomplished, will also include 28 bonus pages featuring comics not included in the online run and pages revealing untold information about the characters, the world, and other topics. Therefore, each published issue will contain a total of 100 pages.

New comics are published on this website every Monday and Thursday. Since it’s inception, both prior to and after this website, Remember has never missed an update.

Occasionally, the artist will come up with something unrelated to or in addition to the main comics, these are posted in the Extras page.