Anthur Berkely was born in February of 784 AC to General Taborius Berkely and Lieutenant Phialephia Berkely of the Golden Forests. As such, he was raised in line with military conduct and training for most of his life, until his father was killed in 894 AC when the Moon Elf Empire invaded the forests, his mother escaped with him.

Anthur never particularly liked the military, the unbeating cold heart of its bureaucratic rank and file seemed too far removed from the people it was built to protect for him. Regardless, he proved an excellent pupil, and was already poised to outrank his mother when they fled.

Anthur and his mother lived a nomadic lifestyle for three years following the imperial conquering of the Golden Forests, until the Exersus Resistance started offering alliance and housing for those seeking vengeance or refuge from the Empire in 897 AC. Anthur participated in the disastrous first assault on the Dragon Palace the same year, and served as second in command to Rain following the death of Igon during the battle.

Upon Igon’s return, Anthur maintained a position of power, but was reduced to maintaining the operations of the resistance head office and has been content to stay there since.


Anthur is very professional most of the time, but tries to place an emotional factor in everything he does, to give it more meaning. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, but will do whatever he deems necessary to protect those he cares about (Which, by purview of his emotional investments, means virtually everyone he associates with, though some more than others). He has a keen insight into the emotional workings of most races and genders, but rarely seeks out romantic entanglement himself.


Anthur’s parents both believed in melee hand-to-hand fighting and long-range siege weaponry, but Anthur persisted in using hand crossbows to counter the lack of mid-range damage in their views. As a result, he is one of the most proficient users of dual-wielded hand crossbows the Exersus Resistance has on hand, though he rarely sees combat nowadays.


  • Anthur’s favourite colour is pastel green, and his lucky number is four (4).
  • Anthur’s favourite food is lightly-roasted venison with a parsley seasoning.
  • Anthur separated from his mother when they joined the resistance, she currently lives in the Nossor office whilst he lives in the head office in Gale.
  • Anthur is allergic to oats and wheat, so does not eat bread or drink most alcoholic beverages. By default, he’s teetotal.