Kolonel Attarisen



Kolonel Attarisen Golva was born on August 19th 863 AC. His parents both died when he was six because they refused to seek medical care using their Grisgol funds after contracting tuberculosis. As a result, he was passed through a number of orphanages in his childhood before finding himself in the Erenatl military, joining at age 24.

Attarisen quickly rose to prominence as a talented spellcaster and martial fighter, though prone to hot-headed exploits and arguments with his superiors. He became leader of the Third Battallion in December of 894 and has been marked among the battallion leaders for his lack of respect for the counsel since.


Having lost his parents at a young age and been forced to witness first-hand the problems with the present Erenatl economic system, Attarisen holds great disdain for both Grisgol and the greed of the Erenatl. He respects Greatwise as a felllow warrior, but is otherwise extremely uneasy in Erenatl society. He prefers to use violent force against issues, believing that diplomacy is flawed and ultimately futile if the enemy can simply strike back later.


Attarisen combines magic and melee capability as a duskblade of near unparalleled quality, favouring fire spells channeled into his two-bladed sword. His sword is enchanted similarly with the Flaming Burst and Speed properties. He also carries a secondary two-bladed sword enchanted with the Speed and Brilliant Energy properties, though it rarely sees use.


  • Attarisen’s favourite colour is yellow, and his lucky number is seven (7).
  • Attarisen’s favourite food is snert soup.
  • Attarisen is virtually blind in his left eye, the result of an explosion during an experiment with Jovocian technology.
  • Attarisen has been threatened with court martial nine times for not following orders. His skills are the only thing that keep him from being discharged.