Azul Bufon


Azul Bufon’s history is incredibly unknown. He describes his past as being brief but eventful, and he has stated that he works for “some rather chaotic folk”. Generally speaking he likes to keep his past this way.

He joined Igon and Rain whilst they were soliciting volunteers to join the Exersus Resistance early in its inception and was among them when they accidentally teleported into the Citadel of Bis Anu, buried ten metres under the sand of Softwind desert. He was also partially responsible for the Citadel being flooded with sand, necessitating their escape through the gateway that led to the group encountering the Erenatl people in Woestijn and meeting Greatwise.

Azuls largest assistance effort occured during his participation in the assault on the Dragon Palace, where he paved the way for Igon and himself to enter into the main palace building and confront Sildyu, leading to Igon’s death and his own imprisonment within a gem. The Elven longsword used by Nimhelvin until his death was looted from Azul at this time.


Azul is, simply put, insane. Or at least, that’s how he can seem. Most times he seems quietly lucid, but occasionally he will display behaviour belying alternative motives or psychology that put him even farther down the “strange” scale. If anything, he represents pure, undilated, chaos incarnate.


Azul has described himself as capable of virtually anything that is actually possible. For the most part, this is true. He is capable of switching his abilities to alternatives in a very short period of time (Generally about 10 minutes), allowing him the flexibility other characters can only dream of. He is also very knowledgeable of how to mix the different abilities, allowing him to produce a myriad of effects typically only available after decades of intense study.


  • Azul’s favourite colour is (Rather predictably) blue, and his lucky number is 5 (Five).
  • Azul’s favourite food is a soufflé.
  • Azul was codenamed “Blue” during pre-production of Book 2, during which time he made 2 appearances in Book 1, giving ideas to Sildyu and killing Arthur Morgan. Neither Igon nor Rain is aware of his involvement in these events.
  • Azul spent much of his early life in the Plotgoblin Peninsula.