Bedelia Stonehelm


Bedelia Stonehelm was born in 794 AC in Earthlake City, Elwind to Columb Igneusfont and Keelin Quartzhead. Her first 40 years were largely spent as most Dwarves spend them; learning basic combat techniques and craftsmanship. She then moved on to brief adventuring pursuits during the time of which she first encountered Eoghan Stonehelm.

A love blossomed between Bedelia and Eoghan and they became married after a relatively short period for Dwarves, when Bedelia was a scant 48 years old she birthed Oscar Stonehelm. Jokingly, Eoghan claimed that by allowing a female to raise his son he was condemning him to a life after the same fashion. Therefore, Bedelia took him up on the bet and began studying mining techniques and the methods of detecting minerals and resources underground. As a result, she became one of the most effective prospectors in the Dwarven kingdom.

Bedelia later expanded on earlier concepts and ideas developed between the Elwind Alliance and Arcania to become one of the first prospectors to utilise magic to better find untapped resources and plan new mines. Through this, she became somewhat well known amongst the monarchy, especially King Edward Stonehammer, who often consulted her on what mining products he should fund governmentally.

Bedelia was left by King Stonehammer to ensure the safekeeping of the civilian population of Earthlake city during the conflict between the Elwind Alliance and the Moon Elf Empire. Eoghan died in a cave-in in 893 AC, it was Bedelia that informed her son.

Durign the Fall of Elwind, Bedelia became the de facto leader of the surviving Elwind Alliance citizens, after she was given the Elwind Gemstone by King Stonehammer, who died during shortly thereafter. With the Elwind refugees, she fled into the Underdark after collapsing a large number of key tunnels in Earthlake City.


Bedelia is very intelligent, and knows virtually everything that could conceivably be known about underground environments. She tends to think with a utilitarian perspective, choosing the paths that lead to the greatest benefit for all participants. Even though, she maintains a distinctly “common man” idealism wherein the thoughts and opinions of all those involved are taken into consideration. She places great importance on family life, which put her at odds initially with Oscar when his application for foreign education came up.


Bedelia has a talent for spontaneous casting, something she literally had to engineer in the course of her studies of magical prospecting. Most of her spells are in some way to do with blasting, tunnelling, or the earth as a whole. Her Earth Dreamer abilities are what truly set her apart, and are largely the cause of her prospecting fame.


  • The bands on Bedelia’s necklace were used by Eoghan as decoration for his beard.
  • Oscar’s great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Delvar Ironfist, is a relative from Bedelia’s side of the family. Ailin Stonehammer was her father-in-law, they did not meet eye-to-eye.
  • Whilst she has little battle experience, Bedelia has the philosophy that every relationship, political or otherwise, can be resolved with a mining analogy.
  • Bedelia’s cooking has at times been compared to the sewage of several species mingled together and sent on a train ride through every layer of the abyss. She prefers to order in meals, particularly Moon Elf spice dishes.