Enkomaria (Enko for short) Pavli was born in the Golden Forests in August of 786 AC, and spent much of her youth there as well. Her father was a priest of Correlon Larethian and her mother was a game hunter, from whom she initially learned how to wield a crossbow.

At age 92, in 878 AC, Enko had her first lesbian experience with a half-elf girl named Analiena. Her father swiftly became aware of the event through Analiena’s friends and forbade them from seeing eachother. When this did not work, he took the extreme and disowned Enko, forcing her to live by herself outside the family. She later broke up with Analiena, citing the stress of living alone at a young age, and gradually established herself as bisexual, though her father continued to disapprove and has never accepted her back.

When she came of age in 896 AC at the age of 110, the forests were already under the dominion of the Moon Elf Empire, and she spent several years working as an outlaw for her people, attacking imperial caravans and looting them for food and trade materials with a small group of bandits called the Hidden Branches. When the Exersus Resistance was created, Enko was among the first recruits and became closely acquianted with Igon and Rain. Enko has served as head of Tactical Operations for the resistance’s head office for almost her entire time as a part of it.


Enko is very confident and assertive, generally taking the most direct path she wants to something. However, she is very emotionally sensitive, and is easily slighted or drawn to anger or depression. Despite this, she is very capable of leadership and can easily put aside her feelings to focus on her command, though as yet she has only attained the rank of Captain amongst the definitively military sections of the resistance.


Enko is a first-class sniping expert, able to hit targets from almost a mile away with precision. At short range however she is very vulnerable, so typically has at least three underlings with shorter range crossbows to protect her or stays well hidden in cover.


  • Enko’s favourite colour is red, and her lucky number is one (1).
  • Enko’s favourite food is gazpacho soup.
  • The first rifle crossbow Enko owned was a bolt-action semi-repeating crossbow called Silvia and she lost it in a ravine when she was 47. She now owns eight rifles, though the only one that sees much use is her primary sniping rifle, Ferdy.
  • Enko is agnostic, as she prefers to think that the people she kills don’t have a heaven to go to (As penance for whatever slight she feels is the best reason for her killing them), but has difficulty squaring that concept with her religious upbringing.