Also known as Illiyon (Greatwise being his preferred name, given by Halflings), Greatwise was born on the 5th of November 32 AC. He was a warm and likeable person and took very well to studying the Bis Anu literature, rising to prominence as a High Priest following the resurgence in Bis Anu worship in 66 AC.

When he was 36 years old, he was selected to lead the expedition into the Softwind Desert to look for suitable land for a new Erenatl settlement. Once such land was found, he assisted his flock in creating the preliminary temple. For the following decade, he lead them in prayer and celebration.

However, this joy did not last. After ten years, the Empire of Man sent the Order of Vengeance to destroy the temple and all of the followers within. After four weeks of battle, things looked bleak, and the Aperture Science corporation developed a human weaponisation procedure and, forbidding any of his flock to take the chances, volunteered himself to undergo the procedure. As a result, Greatwise became one of the oldest surviving Grisgol in Avbaroy.

He fought back against the Order, and almost single-handedly defeated them, though he lost his left hand to their Elven spellcaster, and has since mounted his sword to the stump (Making him also one of the oldest examples of Grisgol prosthesis).

Greatwise led his people through the multi-purpose Aperture Science gyroscope before using his magical ability to bury the temple under ten metres of sand and departing himself. He then went on to join the Elder Council that governs the Erenatl, albeit a very reserved member.


Greatwise is a fairly stoic person, and typically remains fairly reserved. His white-hot disdain for Elves (Bred largely by the spellcaster that tore off his left hand) and foul play in Cots2 are two of the few things that can actually set him off, and then usually only in bouts of surprise. He is prone to spending hours (Occasionally even weeks) in contemplation, appearing as little more than a statue to the casual observer, considering topics such as his precise makeup, his own humanity, and other such topics. Whilst living he wouldn’t have given most of these issues a second thought, so likely they are the first example of the Grisgol super-extended decision process. He prefers to stay out of most political affairs, having had his full in the Citadel, but he has still been known to go on a political crusade for something he feels is “right” enough.


As a Grisgol, Greatwise is immune to most magic effects and resilient to most others. He has all the spellcasting abilities of before his transformation in addition to those imbued into his body during it. He is also roughly 8 ft. tall and weighs nearly 400 pounds and is strong enough to lift and hurl most Medium creatures. His Large-sized thinblade sword, grafted to the stump of his left hand, is composed of adamantine and enchanted with the Shocking Burst and Vorpal qualities.


  • Greatwise’s favourite colour is gold and his lucky number is 7 (Seven).
  • Greatwise’s favourite game is an Erenatl invention called Craft of the Stars 2, in which he enjoys playing Erenatl factions. He has competed in several national CotS2 tourneys.
  • Having lost his left arm to a shapeshifted spellcaster, Greatwise is very unfortunate to have been born left-handed. He has since had to adapt to right-handedness, for the most part.
  • Greatwise spends a large amount of time staring at the return gyro from the Citadel, often zoning out unintentionally. As a joke, a number of counsellors placed a statue stand for him to stand on during his moments of reflection.