Igon Michael Minoblendy



Igon was born March 26th 876 AC to Michael Minoblendy, a priest of Boccob, and Haizea Minoblendy, at the time a lecturer of arcanophysics at Wehrnault Academy.

Igon attended Marisol Elementary, where he first met Rain, until he was 4 years old. After leaving Arcanon College, he attended Wehrnault Academy with Rain, where he would encounter both Oscar and Steph in the course of his education. Oscar he found passed out infront of a nearby tavern, Steph he met at Ari’s Buffet, which became a popular eating place for the group.

In 896, Igon first met Lex Vietmaghn. His kindness and generosity endeared him to Igon and the rest of the group as a good friend. However, it was Igon that was most angered by Lex’s betrayal during the Fall of Arcania, swearing that the next time they met he would disembowel him whilst wearing the same clothes Lex had used to destroy the city’s shield generator.

Along with Rain and Oscar, Igon was one of a few people to survive the battle, by blasting through the compromised Namel Wall and teleporting to safety some hundred miles inland near the Elwind Mountains. However, his displeasure for teleportation effects gained further merit when the trio rematerialised in midair and both Rain and Oscar landed on top of him.

Following this, the trio headed for the Karazi capital city of Earthlake in the Elwind Mountains to alert the dwarven leadership of Arcania’s disappearance. During their time there, Igon and Oscar discovered through divination that Rain and Lex were brother and sister, a revelation she did not take well during the Imperial attack on the city.

Following their second teleportation-based escape from the battlefield, Igon was devastated to learn that Oscar had been captured during the attack, and helped modify the Arcanian memorial to include his image. He and Rain began organising the Exersus Resistance after this, and allied with the Erenatl people to lead the first attack on the Dragon Palace in Fudgeland, where Igon met his demise.

Finding himself in the Nine Hells of Baator under the self-sin of vengeance, Igon was retrieved from the Barbazu by the Gelugon Zaganit, with whom he made his way through the various layers of Hell until he finally reached Stygia, the fifth layer and home to the archdevil Levistus. He negotiated with Levistus for a way out of Baator and offered to capture Sildyu’s soul to help him escape his ice imprisonment. Almost unexpectedly, Levistus agreed, and revived Igon on the material plane, where he reunited with Rain.

Some years later, Igon was placed in the situation to adopt a recently-discovered pair of twin baby girls with Rain, and took the opportunity, naming them Maeter and Tala Minoblendy. Eighteen years later, a series of events brought Igon the full knowledge of their origins, Maeter as a Sovice facsimile unit with Professor Mersenne and Tala as Neisan, a creature created by the overdeities to wipe out all sapient life in the universe. These revelations led to both daughters leaving Igon and Avbaroy in general, forcing Igon to take some time off from the Resistance to deal with the loss.


Igon is easily the most often annoyed of the group, especially when he has to explain the finer points of his plans in a more lamen way. He is incredibly loyal, though he never hesitates to inform someone he cares about of something he believes will end badly.


Igon is a mix Cleric and Wizard, though he has also proven to have some Sorcerer aptitude. He is a tactical spellcaster, using multiple spells to produce a significant advantage, such as using evasory and mentally damaging effects against an opponent in order to make them more vulnerable to mind-affecting effects.

He is known to have a significant aversion to the use of teleportation effects, he places much of the blame for this aversion on Terprat’s Causality Principle, one of the few arcanophysics principles he has difficulty mastering.


  • Igon’s favourite colour is red, and his lucky number is eight (8).
  • Igon’s favourite food is Schizotecian goulash soup.
  • He has been known to add poison-ivy to some dishes, often in bar bets against foolish challengers, as he is not allergic to urushiol. Oscar is the only contestant to this challenge to win despite the poison-ivy, though he also ran headlong into a wall attempting to find the nearest temple not 10 minutes after accepting his victory.
  • Igon fluently speaks a number of dead languages, including Erenatl, Helinan Runic, and Ancient Anu. He also speaks Dwarven, Elven, and Draconic.