Kilzu (referred to hereafter in neutral gender) is a devil working for Levistus, Lord of the Fifth layer of Baator (Aka Hell). Kilzu first manifested in 370 BC, formed from the soul of a slave merchant’s treacherous second-in-command.

Kilzu went through the typical devil forms until reaching barbazu (bearded devil) in 278 AC, by the name of Bra’akaris. Bra’akaris served as a particularly zealous servant of Levistus throughout his tenure, gaining several souls in the space of one evening byfending off minions of Belial from attacking Stygia. He used these souls to initiate the ritual of promotion into his next form, a significantly weaker form commonly referred to as an imp.

However, Bra’akaris was a tad overzealous, and Kilzu was fully aware of this when the ritual was completed. The small and frail form of an imp meant that Kilzu was virtually incapable of acquiring new souls, so was essentially trapped within the form. Kilzu quickly spiralled into depression, a state which made him significantly more unlikeable to his devil peers. His superiors also became annoyed by his demeanour, so saw it fitting to keep him in that form and not demote or promote him, trapping him further.

When Igon arrived in Stygia and proposed a deal to Levistus, Kilzu was the first devil that Levistus considered (The chain of dislike towards him having spread even to him, and his fundamental antagonism towards Igon making Kilzu a prime candidate, among other traits).

Within the resistance, Kilzu plays the role of an observer or bystander, attending meetings purely as a formality of staying near Igon regarding operations related to killing Sildyu. At home, he functions almost like a roommate to Igon & Rain, and a family pet to Maeter & Tala.


Kilzu is abrasive and acerbic, products of their depression, which also makes them apathetic and pessimistic about everything. Underneath, however, Kilzu does care for those around him, either for his own protection or because he’s grown fond of their presence. Centuries of isolation because of the depression have made them unreceptive to efforts to make friends, but Kilzu does have a heart to make friends with (As they put it “We have rationality and emotions, and know how and when to mix them. That’s what separates devils from demons.”)


Kilzu has the typical abilities of an Imp, which is to say virtually nothing. Kilzu’s tail stinger can deliver a very mild paralytic venom, and they are fairly resistent to damage, but overall poses little threat to anyone.

However, Kilzu has two aces. Firstly, Kilzu is a fairly powerful cleric of Levistus, the primary reason they were selected to accompany Igon (Besides the aforementioned intolerable demeanour). Secondly, unlike many devils (And indeed many demons), Kilzu is capable of entering an ethereal state and possessing other creatures.

Typically however, Kilzu’s depressive apathy means none of their abilities are used.


  • Kilzu’s favourite colour is blue and their lucky number is fourteen (14).
  • Kilzu’s favourite food is corpse maggots with a ranch dressing.
  • Devils have different names and genders in their different forms, though they retain personality traits from previous forms as well as all memories. Kilzu has an established pattern of moving through male, genderless, hermaphroditic, and female in a cycle with their forms, but their current gender is unknown by the resistance (Presumed male).
  • Kilzu has a Mark of Stygia brand on the back of their left horn.