Alexander Arthur Vietmaghn


Lex was born June 12th 877 AC to Lucrezia Vietmaghn and Vilious Karligan. He spent his early years in care, because Lucrezia went missing not long after his birth, before using his government funding to carry on a semi-independent life alone.

Lex did not have a particularly pleasant childhood. His Warlock abilities manifested early in his development and as such many of the neighborhood children despised him. He mostly kept to himself until secondary school, where the high Charisma followed into him becoming quite a charming young man, and the years of bookworm isolation made him a star pupil. Much of his childhood hatred was forgotten and he was perceived as a fine, hard-working, gentleman.

During the prom night after secondary school, Lex was enjoying an evening on the school roof with Lorna Ellis, one year his senior but also his date for the evening. Things lead to other things, but the result of the date was his Sorcerer powers manifesting, and a distinct taste of delectable death in Lorna’s mind. Unfortunately, the two were separated when Lorna’s parents forbid him from seeing her again due to the aforementioned “other things” (Lorna had not mentioned the Sorcerer part of the evening).

After secondary school, Lex took a position working as the assistant to the Enchantment councilman, despite his lack of educational achievments. At the time, Hugo Lawrence was the councilman in question, and through some late nights working on speeches and timetables Lex soon encountered his daughter Stephanie.

As his assistant, Lex accompanied Hugo when the talks occured between Arcania and the Moon Elf Empire. The words spoken by Nimhelvin at the delegation, those of Arcania being obliterated from existence without trace, endeared Lex to do something to allow Arcania’s survival, the nation that had forgiven him his inherited differences so often, where other nations, such as the Moon Elf Empire, might surely have despised him for the inbred power.

Lex found a place in Steph’s social group, where his charismatic ability immediately made him one of their more trusted friends. He used this to squeeze out necessary information from the other councilman, Arthur Morgan and Haizea Minoblendy, in order to concoct his plan. During this time, he knew his alignment was shifting, so he kept things hidden with a Planar Mote he carried on his person.

Eventually, Lex learned the information he needed, and opened the city’s gateway by fusing the exact components with his Eldritch Blast. This meant that the council would be convened, allowing him to gain access to the shield generator. From this, the Fall of Arcania began. Afterwards, having survived the ordeal including an encounter with his betrayed friends, he plead his case to Sildyu and she made him a Lieutenant in her service for his aid.


Lex is an extremely messed up person. He truly believes that everything he is doing is for the good of Arcania, despite the fact that because of him virtually every single Arcanian has been slaughtered. He hopes to integrate Arcania into the Empire to allow a spiritual continuation of his homeland. Lex is an excellent diplomat, and he is well known for serving espionage purposes, such as his entry into Igon’s social group. Because his Sorcerer and Warlock talents are Charisma-based, he is also a fair hand at producing Swoon-inducing effects with high Will saves, so to speak.


Lex is a Warlock, but he also has capacities as a Sorcerer and mixes these as an Eldritch Theurge. He likes to use his Eldritch Blast for the more common things, reserving his Sorcerer spells for bigger tasks.


* Lex’s lucky number is four (4), and his favourite colour is red.

* His favourite food is brailed eggs, especially such that they look like pin cushions.

* To his memory, Lex has never met either of his parents. He presently theorises that one was a Tiefling and the other a collegiate Sorcerer, clearly with a Human somewhere in the mix. Most likely the advisor or commander of the Tiefling had the pair killed after learning of the affair.

* For reacting somewhat positively to his manifestation, Lex still holds a torch for Lorna, but he hasn’t seen her in years and is extremely concerned that she may have died in the Fall of Arcania.