Lorna Ellis


Lorna Ellis was born on August 9th in 877 AC to proud parents Sarah and Richard Ellis. She was fairly sheltered as a child, her parents having failed to conceive for five years prior to Lorna.

She scored fairly poorly on the Magical Aptitude Tests, ranking 1 Arc on the aptitude scale (Roughly equivalent to a solitary Shocker Lizard in terms of magical ability). As such, she was placed in a more conventional line of establishments for her education, in contrast to Igon and Rain.

Until she was seventeen years old, Lorna’s parents were highly overprotective. They gave her a six PM curfew and routinely screened virtually everyone she came in contact with. This left her fairly timid, and she was fortunate enough to end up with any romantic interest at all. As a consequence, she was fairly surprised when she was asked for a date to her secondary school prom by Alexander Vietmaghn. Her parents deemed him suitable as a hard-working young man with good manners and a good brain.

The night went spectacularly well for Lorna. Her parents’ faith in Lex’s good manners and gentlemanly nature meant she went largely unchaperoned save her date. Near the end of the event, the pair embarked to the school roof to watch the stars. In the heat of the romantic moment, Lex discovered the full bent of his warlock abilities, and Lorna received her first kiss alongside a taste of something far less mainstream.

Lorna’s parents forbade the pair from ever meeting again, and they quickly lost touch. However, the first touch she had received from Lex gave her a taste of newer appetites, and her timid demeanour soon eroded as she dove headlong into an obsession with Necromancy, eventually even zombifying the family cat (Whose name she invariably reinvents).

Her parents did not enjoy this period, and after the joyous ignorance of thinking it a phase they confronted her about it, and largely ended up with much greater stamina and a taste for cranial meats. Lorna put the pair to work (Heavily disguised) as manual laborers to continue paying for the lifestyle she had become accustomed to and used the added pay to put herself through Wehrnault Academy (Her low MAT score was waved in light of her displayed talents for Necromancy).

Lorna survived the destruction of Arcania and escaped after briefly pretending to be a corpse on the piles that were acidised and destroyed following the Fall. She was last seen acquiring Oscar from his prisoner transport as her cat ravaged the soldiers holding him.


Lorna is a very devious mind, often concocting fairly long-term and elaborate schemes to meet her goals. She has, as stated, a significant obsession with the undead, often implied to pass on to interests beyond simple magical fascination. She places little value in anything that does not advance her plans or serve some other personal purpose. She still holds significant romantic light for Lex, he having given her the first taste of what has become her lifelong addiction. Her primary goal however is to become one of the most powerful Necromancers in known history. Whilst she originally worshipped Boccob as per her parents’ wishes, she now prefers Vecna and occasionally Orcus for her divine inspiration.


Lorna has a significant amount of Necromantic talent, and her zombification of her parents extended to other personnel beyond Arcania, which she has used to create a number of safehouses and hideouts for her inevitable rise to arcane power. She prefers small investments of resources to produce large benefits, so she is typically followed by a handful of her most powerful undead minions.


  • Lorna’s lucky number is six (6) and her favourite colour is (somewhat obviously) black, though it used to be navy blue.
  • Though she often brags of having devoured small children and live animals, Lorna’s favourite food is actually a Marshmallow Supreme strawberry sundae. The closest she came to eating an actual live animal was when she almost ate an unknowingly-fertilised chicken egg when she was eight.
  • Ever since her night with Lex, Lorna’s body temperature has been very gradually declining. She has yet to realise this.
  • Lorna is virtually blind in her left eye, a direct result of Lex’s warlock abilities (Largely an eldritch blast to said eye). The extent of the blindness is unknown, but she prefers to think that it lets her see what the world is really like: A ripe expanse of darkness.