Maeter was “born” on the Sovice homeworld of Jannah in the (Avbaroyan) year of 740 AC, as part of the facsimile-class unit Jingrun 00231. In 800 AC, Jingrun was sent to engage and divert the Absentialord demon, Neisan, away from Sovice space. This involved battling the creature on the meteorite remains of an orbiting moon on a nearby planet, which was forced by other Sovice units at high velocity away from Jannah.

Eventually, after taking heavy damage from Neisan, Jingrun crashed on Avbaroy in 903 AC when the meteorite impacted it. The severe concussive damage forced Jingrun 00231 to separate into two separate Sovice entities, Maeter and Mersenne. Both entities took the rational course of action for their protection and mimicked nearby creatures (Maeter mimicking Neisan, who had taken the form of a human baby), but the Maeter entity had taken too much damage and was forced to dump much of it’s long-term memory space in favour of repair processes. And thus, the twins of Maeter & Tala were born.

Following debate by the leader council of the Exersus Resistance, who recovered the twins from the crash site, it was decided that Tala & Maeter (As they came to be known) were adopted by Igon Minoblendy & Rain Morgan, and raised as their daughters.

Maeter showed profound affinity for academia; she scored 9 Arc on her magic aptitude test, and studied physics, magic physics, and chemistry at Exersus Academy after leaving home for Academy-managed accomodation in 918 AC. She took after her father, and enjoyed the wonders of magic to no end.

In 920 AC, following her return to education after the family holiday, Maeter received Professor Mersenne as her magic physics professor. She was later abducted from the accomodation washing area whilst doing laundry, and Mersenne revealed her actual identity to her, forcing her to remember Sovice history and aspects by supplanting much of her biological composition with Sovice nanites. She then helped him launch an assault on the resistance catacombs, using an innovative “liquid metal” attack method.

Eventually, she was recovered and restored by Igon Minoblendy, after he discovered the creation history of the Sovices in her mind, and she dismantled Mersenne into blocks. However, feeling that the Sovices had done terrible damage to the galaxy and needed much redemption, she departed Avbaroy shortly afterwards with the rest of the Sovice units that had spawned from the event. She left Igon with nine gate tokens, to use with the omnigate network to visit her when he wanted.


Maeter is logical and rational, rarely following her heart to any extreme, though she enjoys having fun with her friends and family outside of educational endeavours. She has a tendency to get stuck in learning new things (the “spellbook loop”), a habit she is fully aware of to her chagrin.


As a Sovice/Human hybrid, Maeter has partial access to Sovice nanite abilities, such as an increased (near-immortal) lifespan and resistance-cum-immunity to all attacks, including access to the Sovice hivemind. She is also able to manufacture objects and technologies autonomously of any tools, such as the gate tokens she gave to Igon, but must take the usual time when producing magical items. As a spellcaster, she is able to cast up to fourth-level arcane magic as a Wu Jen, and can craft magic items of her own design, such as Spell Discs.


  • Maeter’s favourite colour is sky blue, and her lucky number is six (6).
  • Maeter’s favourite food is honey popcorn.
  • Maeter almost never calls Igon “dad” or Rain “mum”, preferring “father” and “mother” respectively. The exception to this is usually when she’s trying to cover for something, such as setting the kitchen table on fire while practising the fireball spell when she was eight.
  • Maeter, through means currently unknown, is the only Sovice creature of any sort with a living soul, which is why she can use magic. Her glowing right eye is a consequence of irreversible nanite modification following her conversion by Mersenne.