Oscariot Templar Stonehelm


Oscar was born in Earthlake City on April 13th 842 AC to Bedelia Stonehelm, a prospector, and Eoghan Stonehelm, a miner.

Oscar apprenticed at Osgood Mining for much of his adolescent life, where he trained as a blacksmith and weaponsmith. He also sidelined this with his school life at Myrrdin Properate Academy (Colloquially known as MyrProp).

While at MyrProp, Oscar was enrolled in the Elwind-Arcania Foreign Exchange program, and at the age of 35 was sent to work under Leopold Brakhurst in Arcania, where he would learn how to make more exotic products, and where he taught a number of Arcanian locals about Dwarven culture and customs. When Brakhurst unexpectedly died in 890 due to the consumption of a hot coal, he left the smithy to Oscar and he has run the business since then.

Oscar’s father Eoghan died in 893 of black lung brought on by coal chewing, an unfortunately common Dwarven practise. Oscar learned of his passing by letter from his mother. He drowned his sorrows in ales, lagers, and wines all across the city, before passing out in the street. He was rescued from his misery by Igon, who found him in that state and convinced him into a bet involving the consumption of Schizotechian goulash soup spiked with poison-ivy.

Oscar sobered up enough to understand Igon’s language and eagerly accepted the bet, seeing little around to continue his alcoholic binge. He won the bet, though he required resuscitation by the local Church of Boccob. The two became friends almost immediately afterwards and Oscar has been a permanent fixture in their group ever since.

Oscar was captured by the Empire during the Fall of Elwind and dragged off to “Alphantica” to be used for experimentation. However, the transport including him was intercepted by Lorna and he was last seen following her into her lair after she destroyed the shackles binding him.


Oscar is a resolute Dwarf, but his time spent amongst Humans has lead to a number of their traits rubbing off. He values honour and valour amongst his highest ideals, but his friends will always come first. He believes from his experiences that true excitement and companionship cannot be found at the bottom of an ale stein, nor can honour and valour be found at the edge of an axe. He does his best to speak his mind, and hold up on the teachings of Moradin and his Dwarven ancestors, but believes that as great as Dwarven civilisation may be beneath the earth, it is the Humans above it that truly set the benchmark for social conventions.


Oscar is a consummate craftsman, and he is very adept at making weapons like axes, hammers, and swords, amongst other items. He was the one that engraved the Arcania memorial.

Besides his blacksmith capabilities, Oscar is also adept with many of the weapons he can fashion. In battle where possible, he prefers to fight with a shield and Dwarven waraxe.


  • Oscar’s favourite colour is green, and his lucky number is one (1).
  • His favourite food is Dragon ale, but if pressed he’ll settle for a Dragon ale slushy.
  • Oscar’s middle name, Templar, is from the exploits of his great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Delvar Ironfist. He was crushed in the falling ruins of a Temple of Moradin when it was attacked by Grand Shaman Nulthik.
  • Oscar is left-handed.