Rain Rebecca Morgan



Rain was born June 12th 878 AC to Arthur Morgan, the Divination councilman of Arcania, and Lucrezia Morgan, who would later divorce Arthur due to an affair on her part.

Rain met Igon when they both attended Marisol Elementary, where her future talent for illusion magic manifested as a distinct love of playing practical jokes on the other students. Igon was unfortunate enough to bear the brunt of these jokes, but he endeared himself to Rain and they were eventually perceived as the “Terror Two” amongst the staff. Rain then went on to attend Bensis College, separated from Igon for five years, before reuniting academically with him at Wehrnault Academy, where she majored in Illusion prior to it’s destruction. Through Igon, Rain also came into contact with Steph and Oscar, though she had met Oscar before during her college days at several parties.

In 896, Rain encountered Lex Vietmaghn at Ari’s Buffet, and she quickly became his friend. When Lex turned traitor and brought ruin to the city, Rain’s immediate response was one of total bloodlust, but time constraints denied her the opportunity. She has since held a terrible loathing of his very name and mentioning it is often the easiest method to engage Black Rain.

Alongside Igon and Oscar, Rain was one of the few known survivors of the Fall of Arcania. Travelling with the two caused her to compromise a number of her more immature traits, such as when Igon was injured from the teleportation landing after the escape, she tended to his wounds for three days.

Following this, the trio headed for the Karazi capital city of Earthlake in the Elwind Mountains to alert the dwarven leadership of Arcania’s disappearance. During their time there, Igon and Oscar discovered through divination that Rain and Lex were brother and sister, a revelation she did not take well during the Imperial attack on the city, leading to an outburst of Black Rain on the enemy.

Following their second teleportation-based escape from the battlefield, Rain was shocked to learn that Oscar had been captured during the attack, and helped modify the Arcanian memorial to include his image. She and Igon began organising the Exersus Resistance together, and allied with the Erenatl people to lead the first attack on the Dragon Palace in Fudgeland, where Igon met his demise.

With Igon dead and Rain unable to procure resurrection services, Rain took full command of the Exersus Resistance and spent much time researching magic and tactical strategy to compensate for his loss, until he returned six months later with Kilzu.

Some years later, Rain was placed in the situation to adopt a recently-discovered pair of twin baby girls with Igon, and took the opportunity, naming them Maeter and Tala Minoblendy. Eighteen years later, a series of events brought Rain the full knowledge of their origins, Maeter as a Sovice facsimile unit with Professor Mersenne and Tala as Neisan, a creature created by the overdeities to wipe out all sapient life in the universe. These revelations led to both daughters leaving Avbaroy for other pastures, forcing Igon & herself to take some time off from the Resistance to deal with the familial loss.


For the most part, Rain is extremely carefree and fun-loving. She loves hanging around with her friends, and especially loves partying whenever possible, but she is very capable of taking control of the situation and being responsible for the care and well-being of others, as demonstrated during her motherhood and tenure as commander-in-chief of the Resistance. However, this is contrasted by the rare points when her darker side is unveiled and she is angered, the equivalent of an illusion-based thermonuclear detonation in power, which is sometimes referred to as “Black Rain” within the group.


Rain is a heavily accomplished Illusionist, very talented with Fear effects and her expertise with Image spells is such that she has been known to have Major Images of herself take her tests whilst she reads the textbook elsewhere. She is however appallingly terrible with spells from the Divination and Transmutation schools (The latter of which once led to her producing what could be termed a Ratpig), which she has been formally banned from practising or studying.

Unlike Igon, Rain’s preferred tactic in combat is to layer several spell effects over eachother, thereby decreasing the probability that the target will successfully resist them all. Igon commonly refers to this as the “Buckshot Manoeuvre”. Rain prefers to call if the “Rainfall Strategem”.


  • Rain’s favourite colour is yellow, and her lucky number is three (3)
  • Rain’s favourite food is pasta in virtually any form, though she despises any incarnation of ham
  • Rain is famed for acquiring her high score on the Magical Aptitude Exams by using a Major Image to take the test for her while reading one of her father’s textbooks immediately outside the window of the examination room. Whilst she was discovered near the end of the exam, the examiner was so amazed at the feat that he calculated her score ad hoc from the performance.
  • Rain has absolutely no ability to hold her liquor, but she is easily the most agile of the group.