Sildyu Ruithfel


Princess Sildyu Ruithfel was born on September 30th 751 AC to Queen Shavinreth Ruithfel, Queen of the Moon Elf Empire of Fudge Land, and Repugnant Lord Akastos, a regent of the Elwind Moon Elves. Her conception caused much controversy, but Shavinreth had Akastos put to death to resolve the issue, and spread propaganda that he had drugged her and forced himself on her, resulting in Sildyu.

Sildyu was raised as any Princess in the Empire. Her care was delegated to any one of a dozen different nurses, she rarely saw her busy mother, and she always saw her petrified father in the courtyard, little more of him than the statue that used to be his living form. Despite this fairly shambolic life, Sildyu was a model royal, with all the manners and intellect one would expect, and rarely if ever showed the vile temperament her mother was known for.

She was educated by the finest teachers and trainers on the island and proved to be a masterful student of divine and arcane magic. At some point in early autumn of 861, Sildyu learned of rune magic, like that used to produce portals and warding rituals. On the eve of her 114th birthday, she used her fleeting knowledge of rune magic and produced a transplanar gateway. Seeking to gain a significant amount of knowledge to garnish her own impressive repertoire, Sildyu combined the runes of the circle with those of a Divination spell, several in fact. This would prove to be her undoing.

Sildyu’s soul was taken by the devil Vilkarlig, and trapped in Hell for one year. During this period, her body functioned normally, albeit without any emotion, as if dominated. Meanwhile, her soul was violated and twisted, conspired into a devil in it’s own right. When the year ended, Vilkarlig returned Sildyu’s soul to her body, and his true master plan began.

In June of 872, Queen Shavinreth died, and Sildyu was crowned Queen of the Moon Elf Empire. However, Sildyu saw the tiny island of Fudge Land as a deliberate mistake by the founders, and wanted to expand the Empire into something truly powerful for her people. That winter, her want was answered by Vilkarlig.

Vilkarlig hated the freedom and merriment enjoyed by the mortal races, such chaotic and untrustworthy beings as he saw them. He commanded the now-loyally obedient Sildyu to take the Talisman of the Dragon King and dominate the lands.

And so, Sildyu set about the world killing every single Royal Dragon she came upon, searching for the King. Her prodigious magical ability served her well, and she eventually narrowed down the Royal Dragon to a single member, the King. She defeated him in Regen and his body plunged into the graveyard she had made. From his corpse, she retrieved the Talisman of the Dragon King, able to control all dragons in Avbaroy, and the Age of Dragons began.


Sildyu functions pretty normally considering her ordeals, but the irrevocable scarring left on her from her year in Baator has given her some issues. She never lets anyone get romantically close to her, and those she despises particularly are demasculinated and crucified. She enjoys every pleasure she can get from life, barring those her ordeals deny her. If at all possible, she prefers to send family members to do important tasks for her, because she knows she can trust them.


Sildyu is arguably one of the most powerful spellcasters in Avbaroy, having single-handedly wiped out the Royal Dragon genus. Like Igon and Rain, she is a tactical spellcaster, and prefers to spend the initial moments of a battle keeping on the defensive so that she can work out weaknesses in the opponent, typically using Divination magic to do so. Once this is done, she delivers crippling attacks to them to capitalise on these weaknesses and end the battle swiftly and decisively.


  • Sildyu’s favourite colours are black and red, whilst her lucky number is seven (7).
  • Sildyu enjoys the taste of Not-so-flying Landfish Scampi, but her favourite food is undoubtably Schizotechian goulash soup with a light seasoning of nutmeg and melted brie cheese.
  • Sildyu is unable to see the colour blue.
  • When the Moon Elf civilisation split, the majority becoming the Moon Elf Empire in Fudge Land and the minority remaining with the Elwind Alliance, Sildyu’s family was also split. She has many relatives in the Elwind mountains, though many are very removed from her due to the centuries since the divide.