Stephanie Copper Lawrence


Steph was born on September 7th 873 AC to Hugo Lawrence, a one-hit wonder bard and ex-adventurer, and Maria Lawrence, one of his ex-classmates and an ex-adventuring companion. Hugo would later go on to become the Enchantment councilman of the 80th Arcanian Council.

Steph passed through Humber Elementary and then into Arcanon College. However, afterwards she decided to disobey her father’s wishes and went directly into employment as a copier for The Sending Times newspaper, instead of attending Devis Academy for Bards as Hugo had hoped. Over the next few years, she impressed her employers and her Editor with her writing talent and quickly became a reporter for the newspaper, much to Hugo’s continuing chagrin.

A few years prior to the Fall of Arcania, Steph entered Ari’s Buffet hoping to get a scoop on the restaurant’s popularity amongst the local students, who frequented the establishment. There, she met Igon Minoblendy. Whilst she later moved onto a different story scoop (That of three dozen missing corpses from the local cemetary, courtesy of “Necro” Larry Whitmore), she maintained a good relationship with Igon and was quickly assumed into his small circle of dedicated friends.

In 894, Steph’s monthly visit to her parents acquainted her with the young Lex Vietmaghn, Hugo’s latest assistant. His charm and generosity made them instant acquaintances , though little more due to their infrequent encounters. However, it was Steph that introduced Lex to Ari’s Buffet, where he would later encounter Igon’s social group.

During the Fall of Arcania in 896, Steph stayed behind in Wehrnault Academy to hold off a number of enemy soldiers in order to buy time for Igon, Oscar, and Rain to make their escape. She had intended to deal with them quickly and escape herself, but at present she is presumed deceased.


Steph is always looking at the political issues of things. She’ll consider a government lock with an easy bypass to be an implication of something, she’ll always be thinking of the global politics happening around her, and she is rarely without her notepad and quill. She has been known to cause a drop in the local mood due to her worrying, but she is easily cheered up by her friends. When she’s not worrying about issues on the hands of others, she’s thinking about how to keep everyone else happy.


Steph was an Expert, mostly using knowledge and interaction skills, but her time as a reporter hunting down leads and “encouraging” witnesses to tell their stories has taught her some Rogue talents, though they did little to assist her in her final stand.


  • Steph’s lucky number is eleven (11), and her favourite colour is brown.
  • Steph’s favourite food is herbal tea, specifically as prepared by Ari Chu.
  • Steph is known to the local guards as one of only two people to ever have successfully disabled a Mage Lock without the use of magic or vandalism, the other being Necro Larry.
  • Hugo originally wanted Steph’s middle name to be a different metal, but “Lead” was taken, a fact she bemoans whenever the issue comes up.