King Edwin Stonehammer


Prince Edwin Stonehammer was born in February of 766 AC to then-King Torsten Stonehammer and his royal concubine, Itziar Granate. His childhood was often described as uneventful in his own words, but is coloured by a severe fascination with Dwarven history, especially King Oswald the Fourth. He is considered to have fully cemented the Dwarven outlook of “What came before defines today”.

Edwin took the Dwarven throne following the death of his father in 816 and one of his first acts was to eliminate the position of “royal concubine” from the royalty, as he believed it was too demeaning to women like his mother, who would bear royal heirs and gain little recognition for it, as their position amounted to little more than an especially important prostitute. His reign was marked by a significant turn away from a largely conflict-centric to a more economic society, which he believed would allow the Dwarves to stand more on their own, as Oswald had intended.

Edwin first encountered Bedelia Stonehelm when seeking new resources for his future economy. She was heavily mocked for her female gender and her somewhat radical ideas of how to locate the resources, but Edwin heard her out and she quickly became one of his most supported prospectors.

Stonehammer died valiantly defending his people in the Fall of Elwind, at the hands of Mr Huggles, a prototypical Imperial Immortal.


Edwin places extreme importance on Dwarven history when determining his actions, and he enjoys the ancient alliances his people share, especially with Arcania, whom the Dwarves assisted during the Revolutionary War. He also has a somewhat radical view of women in society, and places them often as equals or superiors to men, because he thinks many male Dwarves have gotten too much enemy blood in their veins. He considers himself a humanitarian.


Whilst Stonehammer is very diplomacy-based (Even going to the length of speech training to eliminate most of his Dwarven accent for clarity, though it returns when he is especially angered), he is a Dwarf, and an Oswaldian Dwarf at that. He is fully capable of significant melee combat, especially with the royal stone hammer from which his family draws their name. As King, he is also privy to every hidden detail in Dwarven society, which gives him a significant tactical edge over most invaders.


  • Whilst he personally abstains from it, Edwin is doubtful of the harmful effects of Dwarven chewing coal, despite the evidence to back up it’s lung blackening properties.
  • Edwin is a hopeless romantic, and despite having passed middle age already, insists on waiting for the right woman to enter his life before he fathers an heir. This has led to much consternation amongst his royal staff. Rumour and speculation say he may be in love with Bedelia.
  • He hates to admit it, but Edwin can recite the entire Mikado script by Gillivan & Sulbert, as his mother was an extreme fan of their works. Conversely, he never got on well with his father, at least not until after his death.
  • Though from a historical standpoint Stonehammer is one of the poorest Dwarven Kings in centuries, Stonehammer is one of the most favourite royals in recent Dwarven memory for his rapport with the common folk, making him one of the first “Kings of the people” in Dwarven history.