Tala was “born” an unknown period shortly after the creation of the multiverse by the Overdeities, under the name Neisan, as the 38th in a series of creatures called the Ediction Protocols designed to erase elements from the multiverse in the event that the Overdeities wished to recreate it.

In Avbaroyan year 875 AC, the Overdeities began releasing the Protocols into the multiverse. Eventually, Neisan encountered the Sovice Empire, and though infrequently they reached a standstill, she caused substantial damage. Only the Sovice gods showed any ability to truly thwart her attacks, and so she targeted the Sovice homeworld: Jannah.

To divert her, the Sovices sent facsimile-unit Jingrun 00231, while they ensured the meteor they combatted upon was moved hastily far away from Jannah, in order to delay her return and therefore be able to better defend against her.

In 903 AC, the meteor crash landed on Avbaroy, predominantly on top of Neisan, causing an extremely severe concussion that rendered her amnesiac while her innate abilities repaired the damage. Instinctively, she transformed to a species common to the planet, in the form of a human baby. Along with the separated entity of Jingrun 00231, this resulted in the birth of the twins Tala and Maeter.

Following debate by the leader council of the Exersus Resistance, who recovered the twins from the crash site, it was decided that Tala & Maeter (As they came to be known) were adopted by Igon Minoblendy & Rain Morgan, and raised as their daughters.

Tala showed extreme promise in the realm of acting and dancing, and established a prominent resume for herself in several independent Resistance productions in the catacombs, receiving popular reviews on all sides. Despite receiving a result of 7 Arc in her magic aptitude exams, and being able to produce a few small magical effects, she opted out of traditional education, and instead focused on her dancing lessons while living at home with her parents.

In 920 AC, following the family holiday, Tala began to re-experience nightmares that had troubled her throughout her childhood, that of a terrifying black beast filled with rage, and flashes of massacres and slaughters in various locations. This resurgence triggered an alert to Neisan’s surviving necrocarnum zombie, Imagination, who unearthed himself from the remains of the crash site and began to search for his mistress.

Following Imagination’s destruction by Mersenne, the Incarnum that animated him was released and sought out Tala as it’s original source. This proved enough for Neisan to take back control of her body from Tala’s divergent personality, and she quickly returned to her goal of annihilating sapient lifeforms from the multiverse.

Eventually, Rain managed to reach out to the suppressed personality of Tala, who similarly retook control from Neisan. The end realisation being that Neisan’s personality remained suppressed in the shared mind of the creature, whilst the personality formed through 17 years of parenting and public experiences in the Exersus Resistance, Tala Minoblendy, acquired dominancy.


Whilst Neisan is a bloodthirsty, amoral murderess, Tala is a kind and caring young woman. She’s very free-spirited and enjoys the arts, particularly dancing. However, with Neisan’s resurgence, Tala has to ensure her own emotional stability in order to resist Neisan’s attempts to regain dominancy from her, a task which becomes easier with experience but more difficult under stress and pressure.


Tala’s abilities remain those of Neisan, as determined, designed, and created by the Overdieites. She is able to command two necrocarnum zombies as her minions, and her own magical and physical abilities put her on par with many of the most powerful mortal deities, who are unable to affect her with their divine abilities. She is also able to withstand an incredible amount of damage and recover from it in minutes. However, Tala’s personality commands these abilities, and so many of them go unused due to their inherent evilness or brutality, though she has yet to dismiss Imagination & Time, the zombies raised by Neisan during her rampage in 920 AC.


  • Tala’s favourite colour is royal purple, and her lucky number is two (2).
  • Tala’s favourite food is a cherry apple sundae.
  • As the dominant personality, Tala has access to Neisan’s memories, including the locations of all other Ediction Protocols throughout the multiverse.
  • Tala enjoys flower arranging, a hobby she used to bond with Rain in her childhood, and the rituals of making tea, according to Drow customs (Though she habitually leaves out the poison steps).